Workshop for Era Fabric project consortium partners

A workshop on the methodology and evaluation of the Era Fabric project was held on July 21, 2023. The meeting was organised by MUNI – Masaryk University.

The Monitoring and Evaluation Methodology workshop provides the general framework for the evaluation and monitoring of the ERA FABRIC project. Given the specific and experimental nature of the project (trying to define, structure, populate and validate the “interconnected knowledge space” foreseen by the ERA Hub initiative) we propose an iterative approach that is based on the Theory of Change initially proposed and partly described in the ERA FABRIC DoA, which will be a key project task to be validated by the end of its timeframe.

This created an unavoidable loop in the analysis, namely that the Theory of Change used for implementing the Monitoring and Evaluation Methodology will both influence and be influenced by the Theory of Change of the ERA_Hub model to be released by project’s end.

Also, for that reason, the chosen activity, output and outcome indicators and their definitions as well as other concepts in this Monitoring and Evaluation Methodology will be subject to discussion and possible adjustments along the project duration as deemed necessary by the project partners to reflect lessons learned from the other ongoing activities.

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