The vibrant innovation scene of Brno buzzed with excitement on 23 March as roughly 100 regional stakeholders gathered for the Velvet Innovation Meetup. This dynamic event offered a platform for regional companies, projects, and institutions to showcase their ideas, connect with key players, and ignite sparks of collaboration.

10 Bold Pitches: The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the lightning-round presentations featuring 10 innovative players. From budding startups to established institutions, each participant had just minutes to captivate the audience with their unique offerings. This diverse showcase provided a fascinating glimpse into the breadth of innovation brewing in the Brno region.

Beyond the Presentations: The meetup wasn’t just about talking; it was about fostering action. Attendees actively engaged with presenters during networking sessions, exchanging ideas and exploring potential partnerships. This open exchange facilitated collaboration and laid the groundwork for future ventures.

Investing in the Future: Innovation thrives on support, and the “Investment Speed Dating” segment provided a unique opportunity for promising projects to connect with potential investors. These focused interactions opened doors for funding and accelerated the growth of innovative ideas.

A Thriving Ecosystem: The Velvet Innovation Meetup served as a powerful reminder of the dynamic innovation ecosystem pulsating within Brno. By bringing together diverse stakeholders, the event fostered a spirit of collaboration and mutual support, crucial for nurturing innovative ideas and translating them into impactful realities.

ERA FABRIC, committed to empowering regional innovation, applauds the success of the Velvet Innovation Meetup.

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