The recent conference, “Era of Innovations: How Technologies Shape the Jobs of the Future,” offered a glimpse into the evolving landscape of work. Among the events, Ivana Vuka’s presentation exploration of the ERA FABRIC project.

Mapping the Innovation Ecosystem

Vuka’s presentation focused on the ERA FABRIC project’s results, specifically the innovation ecosystem mapping. This mapping exercise aimed to identify the various stakeholders involved in fostering innovation and the different ways they collaborate.

Collaboration in Focus

Vuka delved deeper by presenting findings from stakeholder focus group discussions. These discussions explored the various methods of collaboration currently utilized within the innovation ecosystem.

Shaping the Future, Together

The presentation wasn’t just about understanding the current state of collaboration. Vuka also explored the possibilities for future collaboration among stakeholders. This included potential avenues for future events and how stakeholders could contribute more meaningfully to the innovation ecosystem.

By understanding the current landscape and exploring future possibilities, the ERA FABRIC project paves the way for a more collaborative and successful future of innovation.

Want to Learn More?

Details results and next steps you can follow by subscribing to our newsletter. The insights presented by Vuka offer a valuable starting point for anyone interested in the future of work and the role of collaboration in driving innovation. Stay tuned for further updates on the ERA FABRIC project and its contributions to shaping a future where technology empowers collaboration and unlocks new possibilities.

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