The Trøndelag’s and the Catalan clusters – comparison

Thanks to the latest ERA FABRIC consortium meeting in Barcelona, October 16th-17th, 2023, hosted by EURECAT, Trondheim Tech Port has had a chance to come in contact with some important stakeholders of the Catalan innovation ecosystem.

On the second day of the consortium meeting, we listened to some very interesting presentations that focused on hydrogen technology networks and Catalan clusters.
After seeing these presentations and receiving permission from ACCIÓ to share some of their data, Trondheim Tech Port decided to write a blog article where it compared the Catalan cluster ecosystem with Trøndelag’s.

Interestingly, the two ecosystems are comparable – when accounting for the difference in population – on both GDP pro capita and size of the clusters (n. of members and partners).

To read the whole article (in Norwegian), follow this link:

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