Task “Mapping policies” is completed!

After days of dedicated effort, we’ve reached a significant milestone in our project! We’re thrilled to announce the completion of our latest deliverable, diving deep into the heart of national and regional policies for research & innovation in ERA_FABRIC regions/countries.

In this comprehensive analysis, we’ve maintaining the focus set on the 3 target thematic domains, within the scope of the so-called twin transition, intended as a growth strategy where the ecological and digital dimensions are intertwined and affect all aspects of living and working, where research contributes to make businesses more innovative and capable of creating new quality jobs!

Our analysis spans from 2021-2027, with a keen eye on ongoing programs and initiatives. We’ve highlighted strategic documents in vibrant colors—Sustainable Manufacturing in green, Bio-based Circular Economy in blue, and Clean Renewable Energy in yellow—revealing the targeted focus that drives our research.

We’ve journeyed across 8 EU Member States and 1 Associated State, unraveling the complexities of research & innovation governance. From regional nuances to national initiatives, our report sheds light on the synergy opportunities that can foster knowledge ecosystems and boost innovation.

A gap analysis is presented at the end of the document, to identify what is missing to foster place-based knowledge ecosystems and improve the effectiveness of public research and innovation investments and granting facilities, including synergy opportunities!

Stay tuned for more updates on our work on ERA FABRIC project!

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