ERA FABRIC Continues to Forge Path Towards Stronger European Knowledge Ecosystems

A dynamic days of collaboration and insights, in such way ERA FABRIC can conclude its productive consortium meeting held in Split on April 11-12, 2024. The gathering, hosted by Ana Grgić and Ivana Vuka from the University of Split, saw intensive discussions aimed at advancing the development of the #ERAHubs concept.

The meeting provided a opportunity for parners to delve into project’s crucial points, including its sustainability and widening through European knowledge ecosystems. Led by moderators Ricardo Migueis, Francesco Molinari, Simone Hagenauer, and Elisa Cittanti, one of the discussions centered on formulating strategies for long-term viability and expansion of ERAHubs across Europe.

Preliminary insights from ERA FABRIC’s EU-wide stakeholders’ survey were also shared. The results highlighted key concerns and aspirations within the European knowledge landscape. While stakeholders acknowledged the regional strengths and collaborative opportunities, challenges such as resource management, stakeholder inclusion, and science-industry collaboration were identified.

The recent discussions in Split underscored the expected importance of #ERAHubs as drivers of systemic change of European innovation ecosystems and innovation towards Twin transition. Models presented during the meeting provided a framework for understanding the diverse roles and objectives of these knowledge ecosystems, emphasizing the need for multi-level governance, stakeholder mobilization, and environmental sustainability.

To further engage parnering regions’ stakeholders, ERA FABRIC announced its first webinar on May 14, 2024.

As ERA FABRIC continues to chart its course towards strengthening European knowledge ecosystems, collaboration and innovation remain at the forefront, driving towards a more resilient and interconnected European research landscape.

Looking ahead, ERA FABRIC’s next full-member consortium meeting is scheduled for October 17-18th, 2024, in Warsaw. The consortium parnters remain committed to fostering a collaborative environment conducive to innovation and growth, with a focus on aligning efforts with the twin transitions which inlues green and digital transformation of EU economy.

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