On November Brno and Kuřim hosted INTEMAC Inspiration Day 2023, an inspiring event focused on building a strong innovation ecosystem in the South Moravian Region.

Over 200 participants, including representatives from business, academia, public administration, and NGOs, took part in numerous presentations, panel discussions, and workshops aimed at:

  • Showcasing the innovation potential of the South Moravian Region
  • Strengthening cooperation between different stakeholders
  • Exchanging knowledge and experience
  • Inspiring the creation of new, innovative solutions

Key topics covered during the event included:

  • Industry 4.0 and digital transformation
  • Green technologies and sustainable development
  • Creativity and entrepreneurship
  • The role of education and research in innovation development

Speakers and panelists, including experts from the Czech Republic and abroad, shared their insights and experiences in building thriving innovation ecosystems. Participants also had the opportunity to take part in interactive workshops, where they could develop their skills and knowledge in key areas.

INTEMAC Inspiration Day 2023 was an excellent opportunity to network and build relationships between different actors of the innovation ecosystem in the South Moravian Region. The event raised awareness of the importance of innovation for the development of the region and inspired further cooperation towards building a better future.

EraFabric, as a platform supporting regional innovation, appreciates the importance of events such as INTEMAC Inspiration Day 2023. 

We encourage you to:

  • Explore the event materials available on the INTEMAC website
  • Get involved in INTEMAC’s activities for innovation development in the South Moravian Region
  • Cooperate with other stakeholders to build a strong and vibrant innovation ecosystem
  • Share information about ERAHUB! Together, we can build a future where innovation is key to development and prosperity!

Additional information:

We encourage you to share information about ERA HUB and join the EraFabric community!

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