On October 20, 2023, ERRIN hosted a conference in Brussels titled “Fostering Innovation Ecosystems in Europe: Which Role for Widening?”. The event gathered 73 regional stakeholders to discuss the importance of “widening” initiatives in strengthening innovation ecosystems across Europe, with a focus on regions striving to bridge the gap with more established innovation hubs.

Bridging the Divide:

The event delved into the challenges and opportunities faced by regions striving to develop robust innovation ecosystems. 

Key themes included:

  • Leveraging existing strengths: Identifying and maximizing unique regional assets and resources to fuel innovation.
  • Building collaborative networks: Fostering partnerships between diverse stakeholders, including businesses, research institutions, and public authorities.
  • Facilitating knowledge transfer: Enabling the flow of knowledge and expertise between established and emerging ecosystems.
  • Accessing funding opportunities: Understanding and utilizing available funding mechanisms to support regional innovation initiatives.

The event featured renowned experts, such as Dr. Mariia Shkolnykova and Prof. Michael Fritsch, who shared their perspectives on best practices and successful case studies from across Europe. Participants actively engaged in panel discussions, posing insightful questions and sparking dynamic exchanges.

Key Takeaways:

  • Widening initiatives play a crucial role in fostering balanced and inclusive innovation landscapes across Europe.
  • Collaboration is essential, bringing together diverse actors to create synergy and unlock potential.
  • Effective policies and funding mechanisms are vital for supporting regional innovation ecosystems.
  • Sharing knowledge and best practices is key to accelerating innovation across Europe.

ERA FABRIC, committed to empowering regional innovation, applauds the valuable discussions at this Brussels event. 

We encourage you to:

  • Advocate for policies and initiatives that support balanced and inclusive innovation ecosystems.
  • Engage with regional stakeholders and share your knowledge to foster collaborative networks.
  • Join EraFabric’s efforts to build a brighter future where innovation flourishes across the entire European landscape.

By working together, we can empower all regions to contribute to a vibrant and thriving European innovation ecosystem. Let’s bridge the gap and unlock the collective potential for a more innovative and sustainable future!

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