We are thrilled to announce that both #ERAHubs projects: ERA FABRIC & COOPERATE have been recognized in the 1st implementation report on the New European Innovation Agenda: “European Innovation on the move!” This report was published on March 18th and highlights the significant contributions of #ERAHubs to the European innovation landscape.

The primary goal of the #ERAHubs initiative is to develop and test a set of specifications and a methodology aimed at helping regions assess, benchmark, and enhance their Research and Innovation (R&I) ecosystems. These enhancements are designed to meet minimum quality criteria in three key areas:

1. Internal Coordination: Streamlining and optimizing coordination within regional R&I ecosystems.

2. Provision of Supporting Services: Enhancing the availability and quality of support services for innovation within regions.

3. Interconnection with Other Ecosystems: Facilitating seamless connections and collaborations between different R&I ecosystems.

This recognition underscores the importance of #ERAHubs in driving innovation and collaboration across Europe, ultimately leading to stronger and more vibrant regional innovation ecosystems.

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