On October 4, 2023, the heart of Brussels buzzed with activity as the ERRIN event “Organizing a Regional Innovation Ecosystem” brought together ERRIN members to exchange experiences and best practices in fostering innovation at the regional level.

Collaboration is Key: The event emphasized the importance of collaboration between different actors within a regional innovation ecosystem. Speakers and panelists shared their experiences in building effective partnerships between local authorities, businesses, R&D centers, and NGOs.

Inspiring Insights: The event featured inspiring presentations of successful regional innovation strategies. Representatives from different European regions shared their case studies, showcasing the diversity of approaches and solutions applied in building thriving innovation ecosystems.

Strength in Diversity: An important aspect of the event was the opportunity for networking and exchange of experiences between participants. Networking sessions facilitated relationship building and the creation of new paths for collaboration.

Key Takeaways: The ERRIN event highlighted that building a strong regional innovation ecosystem requires the commitment and collaboration of all its actors.

Sharing experiences and good practices between European regions is a key factor in developing innovative solutions.

ERRIN, as a platform connecting regional development agencies, plays a vital role in promoting collaboration and building synergies across Europe.

EraFabric, actively supporting the creation of innovative ecosystems, values the importance of events such as the ERRIN meeting in Brussels. 

We encourage you to:

  • Share your experiences and examples of good practices in developing regional innovation ecosystems.
  • Get involved in ERA FABRIC’s activities to create favorable conditions for innovation development in Europe.

Let’s build strong and vibrant innovation ecosystems that will drive the socio-economic development of Europe!

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