In the heart of Brno, Czech Republic, the Velvet Innovation Conference 2023 brought together 528 innovators from diverse backgrounds under one roof: companies, public institutions, research centers, universities, NGOs, and the creative industry. On November 15th, Hotel Passage buzzed with a collective energy seeking “peaceful innovation that helps people and the planet.”

ERA FABRIC, committed to fostering sustainable innovation, couldn’t miss this vibrant gathering. Here are some highlights that resonated with us:

Bridging the Gaps: The conference emphasized the importance of collaboration across sectors. Panels like “Public Meets Private: Innovation Partnerships for Impact” and “Creative Collaboration: How Businesses and Artists Can Innovate Together” showcased partnerships that unlocked new possibilities and tackled complex challenges.

Sustainability in Action: Sustainability wasn’t just a theme; it was woven throughout the discussions. “Green Solutions for a Sustainable Future” explored technological advancements in eco-friendly industries, while “Sustainable Finance: Investing for Impact” discussed responsible finance and its role in driving positive change.

Empowering Young Minds: The “Emerging Innovators” competition aimed to support young entrepreneurs. Witnessing their passion and innovative ideas for a better future was truly inspiring.

Global Inspiration: The event featured key players from the international innovation scene, like Francesca Bria, Director of the Collaborative Economy & Social Innovation Lab at Sciences Po Paris. Their perspectives broadened the conversation and sparked new ideas.

Beyond the Talks: Networking opportunities played a crucial role. Participants engaged in lively discussions, exchanged business cards, and explored potential collaborations. This open exchange of ideas and fostering of connections were invaluable outcomes.

The Velvet Innovation Conference 2023 proved that innovation thrives when diverse voices come together, driven by a shared desire to create a more sustainable and just future. Whether you’re a seasoned innovator or just starting your journey, there’s valuable inspiration to be found in these gatherings.

Let’s keep the conversation going and continue to brew ideas that make a positive impact on the world, let us know on our X or LinkedIn profile!

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