On February 2nd, 2023, Trondheim Tech Port hosted a webinar on the BioVerdi 2.0 project. The webinar was held in Norwegian, and featured presentations from a number of key stakeholders in the project, including:

  • Kari Thyholt, Project Leader for BioVerdi 2.0
  • Lars Johansson, WoodWorks! Cluster
  • Hege Michelsen Kolstad, Agritech Cluster
  • Morten Andersen, NCE Aquatech Cluster
  • Steven Roy Charlesworth, SpareBank 1 SMN
  • Odd Arne Bratland, Trøndelag County
  • Halvor Mortensen, Val FoU

The purpose of the webinar was to present the goals, partners, and results of the BioVerdi 1.0 project, and to launch the BioVerdi 2.0 project.

BioVerdi 1.0: A successful start

The BioVerdi project is a collaboration between the agricultural, forestry, and aquaculture industries in Central Norway. The goal of the project is to increase value creation in these industries by promoting cooperation and innovation.

The BioVerdi 1.0 project was a success, and achieved a number of important results, including:

  • The establishment of the Agritech Cluster
  • The founding of BioTA, a company based in Rørvik
  • Resource mapping initiatives
  • Collaboration with the Nordic Green Business Forum’s “biorest” working group
  • The launch of BioVerdi 2.0

BioVerdi 2.0: Building on success

The BioVerdi 2.0 project builds on the success of BioVerdi 1.0. The goal of the project is to further increase value creation in the agricultural, forestry, and aquaculture industries in Central Norway by:

  • Stimulating investment in green and sustainable innovation
  • Identifying and developing new commercial opportunities
  • Promoting collaboration between businesses, research institutions, and the public sector

The BioVerdi 2.0 project is a key part of the effort to build a greener and more sustainable future for Central Norway. The project has the potential to create new jobs, boost economic growth, and protect the environment.

For more information on the BioVerdi 2.0 project, please visit the project website: [link to Norwegian BioVerdi website]

About the speakers

  • Kari Thyholt is the Project Leader for BioVerdi 2.0. She has a long experience of working with innovation and business development in the agricultural sector.
  • Lars Johansson is the Cluster Manager of WoodWorks! Cluster. He has a background in forestry and wood technology.
  • Hege Michelsen Kolstad is the CEO of Agritech Cluster. She has a background in agricultural research and development.
  • Morten Andersen is the CEO of NCE Aquatech Cluster. He has a background in marine technology and aquaculture.
  • Steven Roy Charlesworth is the Senior Vice President of SpareBank 1 SMN. He has a background in finance and business development.
  • Odd Arne Bratland is the County Mayor of Trøndelag County. He has a background in politics and public administration.
  • Halvor Mortensen is the CEO of Val FoU. He has a background in research and development.
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